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Dan being awesome during Flaws [x]

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BΔSTILLE Meme: [1/4] Band Members: Dan Smith.
"I played for a couple of years under my own name and I never really wanted to be a singer-songwriter. […] The thought of it all being centered around me sort of made me feel a bit awkward.”

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i was tagged by dansito-waiting ((thank you so much isabel, love you)). so, umm, i need to answer these questions:

  1. When did you first hear Bastille’s music? around august or september of 2011. i was on my personal tumblr and there was an asian girl who was freaking out like “omfg, bastille is amazing, the world needs to listen to them” and i was like “what the fuck is bastille?” - that’s also why my url is bastillewtf, bc my first reaction about them was “what the fuck is this?” - so then i listened to their songs.
  2. What was the first bastille song you heard? bad blood.
  3. Favorite song from “Bad Blood”? i don’t think i have a favorite song, but icarus is really important bc i just became a stormer bc of that song!
  4. Favorite song exclusively from “All This Bad Blood”? SKULLS  F O R E V E R.
  5. Favorite cover? i think we can’t stop bc i don’t like that song at all and when i first heard their version i was like “what the fuck guys, how can you be so talented? this is not fair” and i was so surprised, so… but i also love their version of died in your arms.
  6. Favorite song lyric? umm, this is hard. i don’t really know bc i think dan always plays with words, i mean, he can explain life with an albatross or even if you look at the lyrics of pompeii with a new angle, you can see it’s also about life. but i love the lyrics of flaws, poet and sleepsong.
  7. Favorite live version of a song? i love flaws live bc although sometimes i think it’s dangerous about dan walking though the crowd, i love how he tries to always be close to us… but i think my favorite live version is this one. although he doesn’t go though the crowd bc it was almost empty, i love how all the band try their best and how dan smiles while he’s helping woody with the drums.
  8. Favorite acoustic version of a song? i love skulls acoustic live and icarus ((bc the first bastille video i watched ever was this one where they sing an acoustic version of icarus)). but my favorite one is bad blood and i think my favorite version is this one.
  9. Favorite music video? bad blood.
  10. Blame or Campus? blame. don’t ask me why… i didn’t choose that song… the song chose me.

i tag you amazing people ((if you haven’t been tagged yet)): feelingthedraw, whosbastille, b-astilledan, robbsessive, bastilleislyfe and obliviom.

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As you know, I can’t dance for shit and I look like a bit of a twat.
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Dan Smith alphabet » Brits.

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